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Constitution-day monument on Lysthusberget Rock


On Lysthusberget Rock, by Vinje Rectory at Snåsa, there is a commemorative stone celebrating Norway's "constitution day" (17 May). It is Norway's oldest such monument. The initiative for erecting the stone came from the priest's son Ole Rynning. He was born in 1809 at Ringsaker, where his father, Jens Rynning, was curate. When Ole was 15, his father became rector of Snåsa. The family moved into the Rectory at Vinje in 1824. Ole Rynning later studied in Oslo and was an active part of the circle around Henrik Wergeland, who in 1829 had called for the day to be celebrated despite its prohibition by the King of Sweden. The night before 17 May 1835 the priest's son Ole Rynning, together with several youths, set up this constitution-day monument.