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Hundorp, Dale-Gudbrand's Farm


The author Snorre Sturlason has described the meeting between Olav Haraldsson and Dale-Gudbrand in 1021: While the sun is about to rise, the farmers under Dale-Gudbrand's leadership are witness to how Kolbein, one of Olav's soldiers, smashes a picture of the god Tor. Mice, lizards and snakes flow out of the crushed holy image. Olav's men have already destroyed the farmers' boats and dispersed their horses; they have been humiliated and hindered from escaping. Olav is heard saying: "Behold, there comes our god in a flood of light" - as the sun rose. Under such dramatic conditions, we can easily understand why the people of Gudbrandsdalen submitted themselves to Olav's faith. Under Dale-Gudbrand's leadership they built a church on the property, the first in Gudbrandsdalen. The farmstead has retained many traces of its history including unique archaeological finds to buildings in the 19th Century farmstead style. In addition, there is a county college centre commemorating its 70-year existence on the farm. Hundorp, Dale-Gudbrands Farmsteads, was elected farmstead of the millennium in Oppland County and represents a link between the past and the future, with a varied programme for visitors: guided tours of historic sites, concerts, art exhibitions, meals and overnight accommodations.


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