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Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum


Salhus Tricotagefabrik (Salhus Knitting Mill) was founded in 1859, and was the first fully mechanized knitwear factory in Norway. Underwear, stockings and jumpers were produced here. The factory was established during the first wave of industrialization in Norway, and an entire community grew up around the mill, which was in operation until 1989. The museum focuses on the impact industrialization had on people who moved from a traditional agrarian society to an industrial town. Today the factory is preserved as a living cultural monument. Visitors are invited to take part in guided tours and witness the process from raw materials into finished products - into yarn, then into knitted fabric, and finally manufactured into clothes like the popular "Salhus sweater". One of the old factory halls is converted into an exhibition room, where various thematic exhibitions are arranged. There is also a cafe and a film room and a museum shop on the premises. The museum also has a pier for boaters. School classes are invited to take part in educational programmes. Activities for children every other Sun 11-15.30. (Week 32, 34, etc). Exhib.: 10.000 flowers, textile by the German artist Ursel Arndt.


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