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Herdal Summer Mountain Farm


The idyllic Herdal summer mountain farm in Norddal has operated continuously for 300 years. With several hundred goats, it is one of the country's largest joint summer mountain farm. There are also cows, sheep and fjord horses on the farm. Thus children can find a genuine playground here. The mountain area had a unique setting, with over 30 old summer mountain farm buildings gathered in a cluster. Old traditions are kept alive: brown and white goat cheese and authentic goat's-milk caramels are manufactured. As a guest here you can embark on a journey in time, smell and taste, and can visit the old farm and barn where you can taste homemade cheese, as well as the "new" joint farm from 1960. The restaurant is housed in a renovated barn, and serves foods such as rjomegraut (sour cream porridge), cured ham and kid. Overnight accommodation is available in an old farm building or in a tent outside the farm area. The many rivers and lakes in Herdal are fine for fishing, and boats can be rented. Traces of settlement from as far back as the early Middle Ages and constructions for reindeer hunting have been found in Herdal. The Nature Reserve Kallskaret is situated about 2hs hike from the area. Herdalen is now a part of a World Heritage Site.


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