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Krøderbanen Railway


Krøderbanen is a 26-km-long museum railway that runs between Vikersund and Krøderen stations. Great festivities accompanied the opening of the railway in 1872 and it led an active life based primarily on the transportation of lumber, until it was shut down in 1985. Several of the stations are preserved, and large quantities of historical railway equipment are stored at Krøderen and Kløftefoss stations. The end station Krøderen is listed as an industrial cultural monument, and there is a museum here. The entire station is intact, almost as it was the day the railway opened. The buildings as well as the railway equipment are well preserved. Both guided tours and meals are on the programme. Every summer Sunday Krøderbanen offers a first class historical journey by the vintage train with oldfashioned carriages, which is pulled by a steam locomotive. On Sundays in August it is possible to supplement the train ride with a boat ride on "Kryllingen" in the Krøder Fjord as far as Villa Fridheim.


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