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Kvipt is an old highland farm situated in Birtedalen. Old traditions and culture are still alive on this farm with its scenic urroundings. The oldest buildings at Kvipt are from the 17th century, but the first settlement probably dates further back. The houses at Kvipt are restored in the traditional West Telemark style, but the amenities are adapted to today's needs. As a guest here you can spend the night in the old attic from the 18th Century, in a new log cabin or in a spacious timber cottage. The newly restored Røykestoga ("Smokehouse") from the 17th century houses a museum and a restaurant that serves traditional dishes. Røykestoga is also ideal for private parties and weddings. "Tussestoga", a log hut built in the style of the Middle Ages, contains a potter's workshop and has crafts, objects painted in the traditional rosemaling technique, gnomes and elves for sale. The landscape surrounding Kvipt is perfect for hiking, both summer and winter, and you can reserve a guide if you wish. The fishing is free for guests. There are boats and canoes for rent and hunting licenses are available for a fee.


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