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Guddal Farmstead


At the beginning of the 1800s scientists, artists and wealthy travellers began to visit the mountains and fjords on the west coast of Norway. Inspired by their experiences, these pioneering tourists created romantic works of art and wrote glorious accounts of their travels. These, in turn, sparked an immense interest among many foreigners, who expected to encounter wild and beautiful nature and picturesque, pleasant natives. The first tourists to visit the west coast had to make do with simple accommodations, but the local inhabitants quickly discovered that offering overnight accommodation and transport could greatly enhance their meagre incomes. Efficient native west-coasters learned to receive their visitors with respect and courtesy, and many hotels gained a reputation for excellent service. The combination of idyllic natural surroundings and first-rate service provides today's visitors, too, with a special experience. Guddal Farmstead in Rosendal provides this unique combination, offering excellent service on historic ground. The farm is situated in an old cultural landscape with roots leading back to the early Bronze Age. The members of the Guddal family have created a "paradise on earth" for themselves and their visitors. Feel the taste of Kirsten's breakfast!


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