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Røkenes Farm and Guesthouse


The sea route was the major traffic artery along the coast until very recent times. Coastal dwellers found it natural to take advantage of the sea. The generous sea gave freely of its bounty, but demanded something in return. Practically every family lost a close relative in a storm at sea. In the 1850s one out of every four deaths among men in Tromsø was due to drowning. After accidents such as these it was the women, the real "fisher/farmers", who were left alone with the responsibility for children, the home and the land. The history of Røkenes tells about many of these women. This was the way of life at Røkenes in Trondenes near Harstad, too. The main building, constructed in the Trønder style, is from 1750, the storage cabin is somewhat older, and the other farm buildings are from 1899. The main building and its surroundings are an example of the best of northern Norwegian culture and tradition. The farm received the royal stamp of approval to operate as an inn in the 1700s, and today's 10th generation of owners thus have a long tradition to build on. Røkenes Farm has a café, a gallery, banqueting halls and overnight accommodation in the listed buildings. The world's northernmost golf course is here - one of very few golf courses to be illuminated by the midnight sun! Landing stage for guests.


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