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Sygard Storrvik Farm


Sygard Storrvik was among the first farmsteads in the country to gain listed status. Was this a mere coincidence? Hardly. Those who travelled around before 1920 to select "appropriate and typical Norwegian" cultural heritage sites were surely taken by the location of the farmstead and its buildings and interiors. "From the farmstead there is a beautiful view over emerald green Vaagevand... and the idyllic sound of the many nearby waterfalls can be heard," are among the words of praise in a magazine from 1868. The buildings are examples of the highest quality craftsmanship and knowledge of the qualities of wood. The lumber used here had grown in barren mountain soil. These conditions produced a slow-growing tree with a high content of resin - also known as hardwood pine. What this means for the quality of the buildings can be viewed at Sygard Storrvik. The grounds consist today of 14 buildings and the entire farmstead is listed. In addition, there are 5 log cabins for rent that were constructed by hand according to age-old traditions. The cottages have all of the modern conveniences such as a shower, television and a fully equipped kitchen, and the majority of them have two bedrooms. The peaceful and historical atmosphere as well as the close proximity of the mountains and forests make it an ideal spot for a pleasant stay.


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