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Solbrå Summer Mountain Farm


Gudbrandsdals goat's cheese is a classic. This cheese has a history that dates back to 1863. The young dairymaid Anne Hov tried something that according to the customs was considered to be downright wasteful. She poured cream into the whey! At that time, all of the cream was used in the production of butter, while the cheese was lean and lacking the rich taste provided by the fat from the milk. Anne had tasted the genuine red goat's cheese made by another dairymaid. Even though this cheese was also lean, it had a strong flavour that Anne liked very much. She thought it was unfair that she couldn't have cheese that was as good when it was her turn to make cheese. After conferring with her father Anne dared to mix the cream into the whey. This gave the cheese a much richer taste, and won praise from the dairymaids on the neighbouring farms. This event signalled the beginning of an important shift in Norwegian agriculture. The production of butter was to a large degree replaced by the much more lucrative production of cheese containing fat, and this new form of milk production improved the economic situation of dairy farmers. The mountain dairy traditions continue to this day at Solbråsetra. By visiting Gålå on a summer day, you can still see dairymaids at work in the old way and taste freshly made Gudbrandsdal cheese.


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