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Sygard Grytting Farm


When driving along E6 in Gudbrandsdalen today, we pass through country districts that have a long history of accommodating travellers. Six hundred years ago, it was a common sight to see pilgrims on their way to the grave of St Olav in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Overnight accommodations were available all along the ancient road between Oslo and Trondheim. Many of the pilgrims stopped at Grytting Sygard and were allowed to spend the night in the "svevnstova" (a sleeping cottage) as it was called in a parchment document from 1342. The "Svevnstova" was three storeys high and had about 20 beds. It had no windows, just crossshaped openings that allowed a minimal amount of light in. It is still possible to spend the night in "Svevnstova" at Sygard Grytting today and to eat meals in medieval style. Modern-day pilgrims can also find respite in the other original farmhouses built between 1680 and 1860. Together they comprise a historic hotel that serves traditional dishes. Private arrangements and parties can be arranged here. Sygard Grytting has undergone comprehensive restorations and is an excellent example of how unique cultural heritage buildings can be combined with the modern desire for comfort. The farm is known from television and books on historical overnight stops. The host is at least the 16. generation of owners.


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