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Rudi Farm


Rudi Farm offers concerts, revues, theater performances, exhibitions and service. The farm is situated in a cultural-historical landscape that is taken well care of. "Fjostrevet" - one of the barns - is the main room for performances. 300 persons can be seated here, 400 more can get inside. The outdoor stage can receive 1500. Nearby is the "Barn Pub", a very special pub, which is fully licenced. The gallery comprises exhibitions of art and handicrafts. "Tryskarlåven" - the barn that earlier was used for threshing - takes 120 persons for serving of meals. 36 persons can be seated at the special "langbord", one of the biggest tables in Gudbrandsdalen. On the mountain farm Valseter at Gålå 20 beds in 4 houses altogether may be rented. The farm is mentioned for the first time in a diploma from 1319. The host Øystein Rudi is a merited fiddle player, and he has won different prizes, e.g. the "Spellemannspris" three times for his CD-productions. In addition the farm has been awarded several prizes for the host's and hostess' cultural work.


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