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Røisheim Hotel and Coaching Inn


The Farmstead Røisheim is situated near Jotunheimen mountains. The name itself (røis = rock pile) says something about the farming conditions here. Seventeen parchment documents prove that the farm was cleared before the year 1200. At that time the farmstead was located on the other side of the river, but the farm was destroyed by an avalanche, and subsequently rebuilt at today's location. The road through Bøverdalen was a royal thoroughfare in times of old. The last farmstead before Sognefjellet mountain, and with coaching obligations as far as Luster, Røisheim was well known among travellers from way back. The hotel has been referred to as a "tourist inn" since 1858, and in the 1870s it became a centre for Jotunheimen's first mountain tourists who climbed to the top of Galdhøpiggen. Later on, artists also fell in love with the place. Many famous painters, writers and composers enjoyed the hospitality at Røisheim. Gude, Grieg, Ibsen, Garborg and Munthe are some of the names that appear in the guest books, in addition to those of royalty. Røisheim is an exceptional hotel, with its many well-kept, listed buildings. The oldest of them dates back to the 16th Century. This is the setting for a culinary experience and overnight accommodations you will hardly find the likes of elsewhere.


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