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Kjerringøy Trade Centre


Old Kjerringøy Trade Centre has an idyllic setting, and is today one of Norway's most important cultural monuments that features buildings from the 1800s. It is comprised of 15 old buildings in a unique environment. The trade centre was at its height of activity at the end of the 1800s. In this period the businessman Zahl had success in fish trade, shipping, export and import. Old Kjerringøy Trade Centre became the most prosperous trade centre of Northern Norway. Both the buildings themselves and a large portion of their furnishings have been preserved with care. Here you can learn about the cultural history of northern Norway and the everyday lives of wealthy families and their servants in a northern trade centre. If you have children, they may join Jentine dairymaid in her daily tasks on the premises, e.g. in the storehouse, the cookhouse or the boathouse. In the main building guided tours are arranged every hour, and in the general store the salesman offers you cornets filled with different hard candies. In Nyfjøsen there is a cafe, a souvenir kiosk and tourist information. Here you can also watch a slide and film performance "Anna Elisabeth from Kjerringøy", which tells the story of her life at the trade centre in the 19th Century.


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