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Strandstaden (sea-front village) Jelsa


Jelsa is the best-preserved sea-front village in the Ryfylke (north-east Rogaland) district. The idyllic wooden houses at Noresjøen are still standing just as they were 100 years ago. A guest house and trading post have stood here from the end of the 17th century, and a church since the 13th century. Ancient remains such as burial sites and traces of habitation from 400-600 AD are also found at Jelsa. The church at Jelsa dates from 1647 and has beautiful interior painting by Gottfrid Hendtzcel. The schoolhouse was built in 1774. For over 40 years, the Riibergske School sent teachers out into the Ryfylke district. The Ryfylke Museum provides guided tours in Jelsa church and the school museum.