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Sjømannssuitene and "Vatikanet" - "The Small Hotel" - Det lille Hotel


"The Small Hotel" incudes 12 maritime hotel suites ("Sailor Suits") of high standard and with comfortable beds (50). It is situated in the charming and genuine setting of Old Risør. The suites are fitted up with old furniture and antiques, inspired by maritime history. These unique suites have come about because a collector started a hotel. In addition to a high quality stay in this hotel, the guests will get some maritime history. Every suite therefore has a collection of books in this respect. "Just to stay in the suite" is an experience in itself. The suites are furnished with a sitting room, a dining area, a kitchen and bed rooms with 2-5 beds, a bathroom and an outside area. Each one of the suites has its own individuality inspired by the maritime collection it contains. The suites in the building "Vatikanet" are granted the hallmark "Olavsrosa" by The Norwegian Heritage Foundation. This house, which faces the marina of Buvika, was scheduled as an ancient monument in 1939. It served as a summer house for one of the wealthiest businessmen of the district. As a guest here you will feel like you are in the middle of the history, either you find yourself in the Captain Suite, The Mate Suite, The Boatswain Suite or the Sailor Suite.


Olavsrosa holder