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Trade Centre Bærums Verk


King Christian IV of Denmark-Norway wanted to make his realm self supplied with iron. In 1610 Paul Smelter was ordered by "royal decree" to set up a smelting works in Bærum. Norway's first furnace was built here in 1622. In 1641 the iron works was relocated to the site of today's factory. The factory produced among other things cannons, stoves and different tools. In 1872 the smelting works came to an end. From now on a foundry and an engineering workshop were erected. This operation continued till 1964. In the 1980s the developing of Trade Centre Bærums Verk started. Verksgata (the factory road) with its workers' dwellings and the old casting halls has become a popular shopping centre in a historical environment. You can find everything here, from groceries to clothing, furniture and applied art, exhibitions and galleries. It is an exciting crafts centre, and there is a factory museum with antique cast iron stoves. All the historical buildings are framed by park-like surroundings. Trade Centre Bærums Verk has been awarded several prizes among other things for the preservation of old buildings and its aesthetic qualities.


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