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There were few signs during Olav Haraldsson's life that he would be proclaimed a saint after his death. Olav, who was also called Olav the Large, had a violent and vengeful temperament. However, during a Viking raid, young Olav was baptized. A few years later he was pronounced King of Norway through the support of his powerful friends and relatives. He was a harsh ruler in the name of Christianity, and in 1028, after 13 years as King, his enemies chased him out of the country. In an attempt to regain his royal position of power, Olav Haraldsson fell at the Battle of Stiklestad on 29 July, 1030. Despite his reputation as a severe ruler, after his death his sainthood was cultivated to a degree that was unprecedented in Norway. The Stiklestad National Culture Centre has since 1996 been responsible for disseminating knowledge about St Olav. "The St Olav Drama" is presented on an open air stage at Stiklestad every year at the end of July. This is the oldest and largest open air theatre in Scandinavia. In 2004 "The St Olav Drama" celebrated its 50th anniversary. The centre offers exciting exhibitions, the Olav Museum, burial mounds and a Folk Museum. Throughout the year there are concerts, theater performances and family arrangements here. Meeting facilities for 250 persons. Stiklastadir is the new attraction, and is an exprience all on its own.


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